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White stilettos


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White stilettos


White stilettosWhite stilettos were highly popular in one decade of the past: the 1980s. These shoes were a big hit with many different types of women. Women from all races, classes, and occupations loved the look of a great pair of white stiletto heels. In the 80s it was widely popular to wear a fun pair of white stilettos with everything from dresses and skirts to pants, jeans and leggings. They enjoyed mass appeal during the 80s, but it did not last forever. Soon the white stiletto shoe was no longer a female footwear favorite. After the 1980s the white stiletto heel had a slight fall from the good graces of the public eye and it was replaced by more classically colored versions.


Today in the United States and abroad white stilettos are worn by a select group of women for different occasions and events. One of the most popular events for a woman to wear white stilettos is on her wedding day. Stilettos make a great choice in footwear for some brides. This is because the bride will benefit from the optical illusion that is created by the thin and long stiletto heel. Also, the heel is white and coordinates well with a bride’s traditional white wedding attire.


But stilettos are not the ideal choice for all brides. For example, they would be a poor choice in shoes for a bride who will be getting married outdoors or in an area that it might be difficult to walk in.


White stilettos are also great to wear for other elegant occasions besides weddings. They may coordinate well with white ball gowns or other beautiful evening wear outfits.


There are many designers that create and design white stilettos. Some of these designers are: Gucci, Jimmy Choo, and Prada. They all make classy and beautiful shoes that can come in many styles. Some white stiletto shoes may be boots, pumps, and platforms. But not all stilettos are designer-made and stylish. Some white stilettos are inexpensive or even cheap.


Cheap stilettos are often worn by dancers and B-list movie stars. They can be pumps, boots, or sandals. These white stilettos are often imitation leather or patent leather and they can have straps, no straps, and they may or may not have plastic platforms.


White stilettos are a vintage and classic style. They can be found today in many shoe stores and they are created by many different types of designers. But for a vintage look that transforms an outfit to all of its 1980s glory, thrift stores may be the best places to find a great pair of white stilettos. They work well with neon colors, leggings, and other clothing that is popular from the 1980s. Brand new or vintage white stiletto high heel shoes also go well with elegant gowns, like wedding dresses, and they make a great statement as a piece of footwear for both occasions.