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6 inch high heelsStilettos are high heeled shoes that are commonly worn by many women, drag queens, and transvestites today. They are shoes that have a very thin and high heel. Stilettos are types of shoes are common on pumps, boots, and sandals, and they can be worn for a fancy celebration or and everyday causal look. Stilettos are often seen on the feet of dancers, office workers, fashion models, and cocktail waitresses.


Stiletto is a word that historically referred to a dagger. This dagger was a widely-used weapon because of its small size and ease of use. It had a long and thin blade that made the dagger ideal for stabbing. A stiletto dagger was popular with assassins and other hired murderers.


The stiletto heel was named after this thin bladed dagger. This is because the heel mirrors the look of the dagger blade. And in fact, the heels of stilettos are a dangerous part of the shoe. To make matters worse the heel transmits a lot of force when a female walks in stiletto shoes. This makes it necessary for the heel to be reinforced and strong, and a strong stiletto heel is much like a dagger. It can cause damage to carpets and other types of flooring. The stiletto heel can also be very difficult to walk in. In fact, it usually takes a women time and a little practice to learn how to walk properly in a pair of stiletto pumps or boots.


Stilettos have been worn by women for many years. Though their popularity soared in the 1950s, they are still worn today in many different countries and cultures. However, probably the most popular country for the shoe is the United States. In America, stilettos are worn by fashion models, executives, secretaries, showgirls, dancers, and beauty queens.


The stiletto is often so very popular with many females because of the way that the shoe can make the wearer look and feel. Women often feel that their looks are enhanced just by wearing a pair of high heeled shoes. They feel beautiful and attractive when they are wearing their favorite set of stilettos. These feelings may be as a result of the shoes having the ability to create and optical illusion. Stilettos can make a female appear taller, and slimmer. They can also create the illusion that the female has longer legs and smaller feet.


The benefits that attract a woman to wear stiletto pumps, boots, or sandals are different from woman to woman. Some women wear stilettos every day, because they love the way that they look. While other females will wear high heeled shoes only once in a while, because they consider the shoes to be dressy and not casual. And there are some women that will never wear stilettos. This is often because the shoes can be difficult to walk in and they have a tendency to be uncomfortable on some types of feet. Each female’s choice of whether to wear or not wear stilettos is a personal choice and it depends on their level of comfort, their consideration for style, and their love or hate for highly fashionable attire.