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Stiletto pumps


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Stiletto pumps


6 inch high heelsStiletto pumps are popular with many women. These women vary in ages, races, and occupations. Some women enjoy stiletto pumps for their fun and fashionable look, while other females enjoy the shoes for the way that the pumps make them look and feel. Young women tend to wear stilettos for two reasons. The first one is to keep their wardrobe fashionable. Often, the second reason is to enhance their visual appearance. On the other hand, older women tend to wear stilettos because they are the shoes that they are comfortable with and they are the shoes that make them feel in shape, toned, young, and vibrant. However, stilettos are popular with all age groups of adult females for other reasons that vary from individual to individual.


In the 1950s stiletto pumps gained popularity and large fashionable following. Women started to learn how to walk in long and thin heels, and they enjoyed their stilettos because the shoes were a pieces of clothing that helped them gain appeal and beauty. But women were not alone in their newfound love for the stiletto pump. Men also enjoyed the shoe, but most of the men did not enjoy wearing the shoe. They liked to look at females who wore the shoe. The male fascination with the stiletto did not end in the 1950s. It still continues today, and some men prefer women to wear stilettos despite the fact that the extra inches may or may not make the women taller than the man.


The stiletto heel makes a wearer have an enhanced amount of visual appeal for many reasons. One of them is because stiletto pumps offer the wearer, usually a female, an instant optical illusion in the way that their appearance is perceived. A female who wears stilettos often seems to have longer and slimmer legs. It may also appear that she has a smaller foot and she is taller than she actually is. Pumps also improve a female’s posture and make the chest and buttocks more intriguing. All of these illusions tend to make the majority of men large fans and supporters of stiletto heels.


Today the world of high fashion in New York, Los Angeles, Milan, Paris, and London are all popular places to find women wearing stiletto pumps. These shoes are worn frequently by fashion models, office workers, and other highly stylish females. Stilettos are often seen on the runway and the catwalk gracing the feet of a model that is showcasing the latest design; however they can also be found behind the scenes as well. There they are on the feet of the females that work to make shows and designs happen. Many of these females work for the designers, fashion magazines, and other fashion related businesses.


There are many designers that create magnificent stilettos. Some of the most widely recognized include: Roberto Cavalli, Christain Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Anne Klien, and Dolce & Gabbana. Each of these designers makes shoes that are unique to the eyes and to the feet with the use of different materials, colors, and designs. You can find more information about stiletto shoes on