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Sexy stilettos


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Sexy stilettos


Sexy stilettosSexy stilettos can be the right shoes for some individuals, but they can be wrong for other individuals. Stilettos are a unique option in footwear. They can be worn with dresses, skirts, pants, and jeans. The size and style of high heeled shoes can also vary. Stilettos can be short or tall and are available in a variety of styles and colors. In fact, these shoes can be picked to fit an individual’s personality and style. Some stilettos are simple for the stylish woman that loves the basic fashion necessities, and other stilettos are complex. The complex shoes are ideal for a high maintenance woman who likes to take a chance with fashion. This includes her clothing and her accessories, and stilettos are the perfect accessory for some outfits. Great outfits for stilettos can include bathing suits, pant suits, dresses, skirts, and shorts. It all depends what is comfortable for the person who is wearing the shoes.


The spike heel on sexy stilettos is a thin and pointy heel. It is the one part of the shoe that mirrors the look of a weapon. In fact, the look of the heel is where the stiletto received its name. Stiletto shoes are named after the stiletto dagger. The dagger is a long and thin weapon that was historically favored by hired assassins. This is because it was a great stabbing weapon that was easily concealed for a fast getaway.


Sexy stilettos can have a short or tall heel. Short heels have to be at one inch long. If the heel is shorter than one inch long then it is not considered a stiletto. On the other hand, long heels can range from anywhere up to eight inches. Shoes with eight inch tall heels do not offer a lot of support for a person’s body weight. This makes them more difficult to stand and walk in. It takes a great deal of practice to move appropriately in the tallest of stiletto heels.


Historically, sexy stilettos were worn on a variety of types of shoes. These shoes were popular with men and with women. Today, stiletto heels are most frequently worn by women. Often these women have a love for fashion or they are employed in the fashion industry. Other times, the women who wear stilettos may be dancers, cocktail waitresses, or showgirls.


Sexy stilettos are made and designed in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Designers tend to create feminine shoes that have mass appeal. This is evident in the beautiful designs that are offered for most stiletto boots, pumps, platforms, and sandals. Some of the most popular materials for these shoes are animal skins, leather, and patent leather, and they can all have short or tall heels. The range of styles and colors makes it easy for a woman to find the appropriate pair of sexy stilettos for her lifestyle and her personality.