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Red stilettos


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Red stilettos


Red stilettosEven though many women love to wear their red stilettos, it is a fact that these shoes are far from being the most comfortable. Some women feel like they sometimes need to sacrifice comfort for fashion, but how far should they go?


Even some podiatrists have weighed in on how wearing black, pink, red stilettos, or any stilettos could alter the way a person walks and ultimately lead to some serious problems. For those people who love to wear these shoes and cannot see themselves without having them to wear, perhaps the simplest answer is to cut back on how often they are worn.


Basically, red stilettos are not designed with walking in mind. In fact, some people have even ventured to say that heels were designed by men who have no idea how difficult it really is to walk in them.


When a woman wears heels that are two-inches high or taller, the woman’s foot slides forward as she walks. When this happens, the woman’s toes are crammed into the front part of the shoe. Walking this way very often can cause hammertoes. This is a deformity where the toes curl at the middle joint.


In addition to possibly causing hammertoes, red stilettos can also contribute to permanent bunions on the feet of the women who wear them. A bunion is a bony bump that forms at the base of a person’s big toe. This condition can make walking painful.


Just as wearing red stilettos too often could cause hammertoes and bunions, it can also contribute significantly to other foot problems. These other foot issues could include corns, calluses, and toenail problems.


One of the other things that red stilettos do to the wearer is change the mechanics of a person’s walk. Few people think about how this tiny heel strikes the ground over and over with a force heavier than a person’s body weight thanks to inertia.


As women continue to walk in these heels, a pain often begins in the knees. However, when there is pain in the knees, this pain often does not stop there.


Stiletto heels change the center of gravity of the wearer. This means that a person’s posture must be altered simply to be able to stay up and keep balanced. This center of gravity is often modified by an arching of the back, but as the back is arched, lower back pain can start.

Instead of wearing red stilettos on a daily basis, perhaps it might be better for your health to wear heels that are shorter than two inches and that have a wider heel than stilettos do. Even platform shoes could be an improvement as long as you are careful to not turn an ankle.


The one important thing to remember for those who have worn red stilettos for a long time is that your feet are not supposed to be in pain. If you cannot give up these shoes completely, if you at least only wear them on special occasions you can possibly save yourself from a lot of pain and discomfort.