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Pink high heels


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Pink high heels


White stilettosHeels have become a symbol of elegance in the fashion world for decades. They have been a staple in formal dress-up occasions and business atmospheres for their refined sexiness and sophistication. However, companies started to cater to the growing demand for party shoes by offering playful designs and colors. While a pair of conservative heels is good for a fancy outing, it’s always nice to cut loose with a decent set of party shoes.


Pink high heels are the epitome of the perfect party shoe. No other color can be as innocent with sultry undertones–two ingredients of any good party. Pink is also distinctly feminine and empowering when worn with confidence.


There are many styles of pink high heels to satisfy any type of personality. Pumps are the most characteristically conservative. The low-cut front and rounded toe make this shoe the most basic of the heel family–which makes them acceptable during any occasion. Bliss’ pink satin pumps with bow accent lace trim combine the innocence of the basic pump with a little bit of spice to garner some desirable attention. The 4 ½” stiletto heel compliments the black lace trim to complete the risqué design.


Belle’s heel shoes with clear and colored rhinestone strap combine the whimsy of a pink shoe with the comfort of a summer sandal. A clear strap holds the foot to a heeled-sole, but the ankle and toes are left exposed during those beautiful summer days. You no longer have to be crammed into a sweaty shoe while attending your neighbors’ outdoor cocktail party.


On the wilder side of the heel-spectrum, there are stilettos, knee-highs, thigh-highs and ankle boots as well as go-go boots. Unlike regular pumps and shoes, heeled-boots are typically worn for party or scandalous occasions only. Pink high heels can give women a certain sense of power and adventurousness–which is why they are a very popular as lingerie items. Likewise, knee-highs and thigh-highs are very popular amongst exotic dancers. Talented dancers can perform amazing feats in heels that range upwards of 8 inches–much to the pleasure of spectators.


The “Expose” model of lace-up, knee-high boot is perfect for the attention-seeking socialite because of its dramatic 5" clear heel and 2" clear platform sole. The shoe features a lace-up front with full inside zipper and a padded interior. It comes in both hot and baby pink.


For more of a retro look, there are the women's knee high Go-Go boots. These heels are best known from the swinging 60s, when they were especially popular in London and the height of pop-fashion. The heels on these boots have more of blocky appearance than the stiletto heel and they come in baby pink.


High heels can cause damage to feet if they are worn for extended periods of time, as well as hip, leg and back problems. For extreme boots like knee-highs or thigh-highs, it’s best to wear them only in party situations (or a few hours at a time)–it’s not recommended to wear large heels on a daily basis. Some of the negative side-effects include bunions and damaged arches.