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10 inch high heels

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10 inch high heels


10 inch high heelsOne of the most unique styles available for a pair of shoes is 10 inch high heels. A shoe that has a heel that is 10 inches tall can be very difficult to find for purchase. Many of these high heels are custom made by fashion designers for specific clients.


As one of the tallest types of shoes ever made, 10 inch high heels can be difficult to walk in. It takes a great deal of balance and poise to carry oneself at such a large height. Many women would fall within seconds of placing such a high heel on their foot.


Since 10 inch high heels are not commonly seen or sold, some women resort to wearing 9 inch high heels. One specific pair of 9 inch high heels was worn in 1993 by supermodel Naomi Campbell. Ms. Campbell wore these blue lace-up shoes for a designer’s fashion show and had a difficult time maneuvering in them. In fact, she fell when she was on the runway.